CDM Support Including Principal Contractors

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) encompass all construction and building work, ranging from new builds to demolitions, refurbishments, extensions, conversions, repairs, maintenance, civil works.

What We Offer:

At OSH Partners, we specialize in providing comprehensive services to ensure your compliance with the Construction (Design and Management)  Regulations  (CDM  Regulations).  We  offer  expert guidance and support throughout your projects, serving as your trusted health and safety advisors.

Our dedicated advisors will work closely with you, offering continuous health and safety liaison with all parties involved, including contractors and stakeholders.

We provide the support needed to build your project’s CDM files and guide you through the site set-up process in line with client and industry requirements.

Our Approach:

We emphasize clear communication and collaboration to maintain a safe working environment. Our services encompass:

  • Compliance Guidance: Keeping you informed about the latest health and safety requirements and ensuring necessary measures are implemented to meet CDM Regulations.
  • Risk Assessments: Thorough assessments to identify and mitigate risks.
  • Health and Safety Plans: Development and implementation of robust health and safety plans.
  • Construction Phase Plans: Support throughout construction phases.
  • Inspections and Monitoring: Regular inspections and monitoring activities.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Ensuring all necessary documentation is in place.

Why Choose Us:

By selecting us as your health and safety advisors, you can rest assured that we prioritize the well-being of everyone involved in your projects. We are committed to full compliance with the CDM Regulations, safeguarding the health and safety of your workforce, and minimizing risks.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and how we can provide ongoing health and safety advisory services throughout your projects. Together, as a team, we will create a safe and compliant working environment for all parties involved.