Management System Audits

At OSH Partners, we provide comprehensive internal audit services to assess and ensure compliance with your management systems. Our experienced internal auditors have been delivering these services to businesses across the UK, equipping them with the tools needed to obtain and maintain certifications.

Our Audit Services Include:

  1. Internal Audits for QMS, EMS and HSMS: We evaluate your internal management systems to ensure compliance and effectiveness.
  2. Supplier Audits: Assessing the systems and processes of suppliers or contractors that your organisation collaborates with.

Audit Focus Areas:

Our thorough audits encompass a range of areas, including:

  • Understanding the organisation and its context.
  • Leadership and commitment.
  • Planning, support, and resources.
  • Operational planning and control.
  • Performance evaluation and improvement.

We use audit checklists to assess the effectiveness of your management systems and ensure compliance with certification requirements.

For ISO 9001 Audits:

We assess the organisation’s quality management system, processes, customer focus, quality policy, organisational roles, responsibilities, and authorities, among other relevant areas.

For ISO 14001 Audits:

We evaluate the organisation’s environmental management system, covering the context of the organisation, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, and improvement. We

also focus on environmental aspects identification, waste management, resource consumption, and other environmental impacts.

For ISO 45001 Audits:

Our assessments cover areas like the understanding of the organisation and its context, needs and expectations of workers and other interested parties, leadership and commitment, hazard identification, legal requirements, resources, competence, communication, operational planning, management of change, procurement, emergency preparation and response, monitoring, and incident and non-conformity corrective actions.

Our audit services aim to assist organisations in achieving and maintaining compliance with relevant management system standards while driving continuous improvement in their operations.