Risk Assessments

Fulfilling your legal obligations under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 is essential. We support you being compliant by conducting tailored health and safety risk assessments for businesses, regardless of their size or industry.

What We Offer:

  • Customized Assessments: We specialize in creating personalized risk assessments for various environments, from offices to high-risk sectors like construction.
  • Thorough Hazard Identification: We work closely with clients to identify potential hazards, ensuring the safety of employees and visitors.
  • Comprehensive Range: Our assessments cover Building and Store, Fire, Site-specific, Generic, COSHH, Lone Working, DSE, Premises, Working at Height, Confined Spaces, Shift Work, Manual Handling, and New & Expectant Mothers.
  • Ongoing Review: We periodically review and update risk assessments to reflect changes in activities or tasks, maintaining their validity.
  • Incident Evaluation: In the event of accidents or incidents, we conduct thorough reviews to verify control measures and adjust risk assessments as needed.

Choose OSH Partners for meticulous and professional risk assessments that ensure your compliance with health and safety regulations.